Ethically Sourced Tea

Let’s discuss Ethically Sourced Tea!

Ethically sourced tea sounds great but was it exactly? We are so glad you asked!

When I created crafting tea I wanted to make sure that the ingredients I purchased for my tea blends were high quality and contributed to the fair humane practices of tea growers and workers all over the world. After-all, I wanted to make sure I knew what my son and I were drinking too! Where you spend your money matters.  And that is why when I started sourcing my ingredients I made sure the ingredients I bought were from ethically sourced tea growers. Ethical tea matters and it tastes better too!

What is the ethical tea partnership?

The ethical tea partnership  is a not for profit organization in the tea industry that seeks to better the lives of workers and their families in the tea producing countries.  The ethical tea partnership works to improve incomes of tea workers, empower women to be more independent, improve health and nutrition in tea communities and help the tea sector to reduce its carbon footprint and to improve its environmental sustainability and climate change resilience.

The ethical tea partnership monitors and regulates social conditions on tea estates. The organization is run by member companies and bolstered through external audits by Price Waterhouse Cooper (The global accounting firm responsible for tabulating and guarding votes for the Academy Awards.)

How does the Ethical Tea Partnership differ from Fair Trade?

The ethical tea partnership has many of the same goals as Fair Trade, but deals only with the tea industry. Because tea is not a publicly traded commodity, such as coffee, Fair Trade is unable to penetrate many of the nuances and regional peculiarities of the tea trade.

Where the ethical tea partnership also differs from Fair Trade is in primary focus. Fair Trade’s primary concern is ensuring sustainable profits for local producers. The ethical tea partnership on the other hand is a socially and environmentally directed organization. This difference is significant.

A transparent view for the Tea Trade.

The goal of the ethical tea partnership is to provide consumers with a transparent understanding of where tea is grown and how it is manufactured. Everything from fair compensation, health coverage, housing and childcare is closely inspected.

To learn more about ethical tea partnership click here: Ethical Tea Partnership

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