Crafting Tea Story

It all started one evening when my son asked to try some of my tea. …


It quickly became a nightly ritual before we would wind down for the day after dinner. I would create different custom tea blends for my son to try before we would begin watching our favorite animes in the evening. Over time I started wondering where the tea came from… did it have chemicals, where was it from, will it be safe for my kiddo to drink? I also wanted to create tea blends that my son could enjoy with me. A simple tea blend here, a simple tea blend there, and poof! 

Here we are.

Every single tea blend on here has been blended and tested by me. And every single kid tea blend has been kid approved by my son personally. We have made many tea blends over the years and not all of them made it to our store but I promise we will continue testing out new blends and will share with all of you. 

We have really enjoyed having tea time together and we hope you get to enjoy the tea experience too. 

All of our blends are named after the flavor experience, anime, game, or moment that has shaped the tea blend. We promise to always make our teas with ethical practices and utmost care. 

Thank you for trying our blends!

Heather & Aidan

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